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"You know what to do boy, and it'd better be good." Ordered Bob.
With that Bob dropped his ass the rest of the way, onto Koby's gaping
mouth. There were muffled noises coming from the teenager's mouth but Bob
ignored them. Bob's hands involuntarily went to his cock and began to wank
it, Little Preteen Nymphets but he caught himself, knowing that it would be better if he didn't.
Koby' tongue shot up into the shit hole with force. Bob winced at first
with the pain but it immediately subsided into pure pleasure. He moaned out
loud and bounced slightly on the tongue that was bathing his insides with
saliva. He wanted more of it up there, and sat down harder on the boy's
face. But this didn't phase Koby, because he only wanted more of Bob's ass.
The more Bob pushed down on Koby, the more Koby thrust his tongue into
Bob's ass. Bob's cock wasn't the only one that was throbbing now, Koby's
was ready to burst, but he dared not to touch it because of what Bob might
"Fuck my ass Little Preteen Nymphets harder with your tongue! Hasn't anyone ever taught you how to
give a decent rim job before? Aww fuck it! I'll just pound your shitter
til your daddy is done pitching, then I'll pound his shitter til you swallow
his cum." Said Bob.
"Oh please fuck me!" pleaded Koby.
"You don't even have to beg."
Koby quickly got up to his knees and put his hands down on the floor. He
was on all fours doggy style. His knees were nearly quivering. This would
only be the second time in his life that he was fucked. He had been
somewhat depressed because he hadn't gotten fucked by one of the police
officers that stopped them the other day but now he had his chance.
Bob's cock was still covered in Koby's spit so all Bob did was spread
Koby's cheeks and spit a few times all in there. He inserted his middle
finger and began to fuck away. He quickly added his index finger causing
the teenager to grunt a little.
"This is only two of my fingers kid. My cock is six and a half inches
around. And I won't take it easy on you cause you're young."
Koby gritted his teeth as Bob inserted his ring finger and continued to
pound his ass with 3/5 of his hand. Each time Bob thrust his fingers in,
more precum oozed from Koby's dickhead.
Without any warning, Koby felt the hot, moist dickhead pushing at his
sphincter. He pushed back slightly and the head popped in. It felt
enormous. It felt as though he was already filled to the rim and all he'd
taken so far was that fucking enormous flaring head.
"Come on boy! I told I wouldn't take it easy on you!" yelled Bob was he
pushed nearly four inches in at once as if to punctuate his statement.
"AHHHH FUCKING ASSHOLE!" scream Koby in pain.
It felt as though his ass was being torn apart at the seams. He had taken
Pettitte's cock, but his wasn't couldn't compare to the thickness of Bob's.
Suddenly Bob shoved the last three inches in and Koby was nearly blinded by
the pain. He began to hyperventilate and thought he was going to pass out.
Bob then pulled his cock all the way out so only the head was left in, and
then slammed it all back mercilessly. He giant balls slapped Koby's ass,
and Koby let out more painful wails. Koby's head sunk and he realized he
was crying, but something caught his eye... his cock was still hard, slapping
his stomach with each of Bob's thrusts.
Koby then tried not to focus on the pain of Bob's cock, as he thrust in
again and again. Soon enough the pain was gone, and Koby was on the verge
of cumming again. Bob seemed to have sensed that Koby was about to blow,
because the next time he impaled the young man on his cock, he did so with
an added ferocity.
This was all he needed, Koby's face scrunched up and he let out a scream,
"Fuck yeh! Fuck me harder!" His cock exploded all over his belly and the
hard tiled floor of the projection room. Shot after shot coated his
underside and the cool hard floor beneath him. When the last bit of cum
dribbled out of his gaping piss slit he seemed ready to collapse on top of
his load, but Bob was still fucking him as if nothing had ever happened.
"This isn't over yet kid, I still gotta get my load off."
Koby had to use all of his strength to hold himself up in the doggy style
position. Bob pounded his grossly thick dick in and out over and over
again. There was a loud thwack thwack thwack thwack of his huge balls
slapping Koby's ass. Little Preteen Nymphets Within a minute Koby was hard again, for the third
time in under an hour. With each thrust Koby's cock slapped his stomach,
arousing him even more.
Every time Bob thrust in, it sapped a little more of Koby's energy. As
much as Koby wanted to collapse and pass out, the more he felt like he was
about to blow another load. Being fucked up the ass by Bob's enormously
thick cock was like being jerked off from the inside. The two were covered
in sweat, dripping all over each other.
Bob reached around and grabbed Koby's Little Preteen Nymphets nipples and pulled and twisted as
hard as he could. This was Little Preteen Nymphets all Koby's worn out body could take, he let out
a loud, low moan and closed his eyes. It felt as though his balls were
being turned inside out. It was his third orgasm in about an hour, and
there wasn't all too much left for him to ejaculate. This time only a few
dribbles flowed from his flaring cockhead.
Meanwhile his ass was spasming out of control. It was as if his ass was
jacking off Bob's cock. Bob's hefty balls had drawn up closer to his body,
and it was evident that Koby's spasming ass was pushing him over the edge.
"Oh kid! Take my fucking load up your ass! Your tight fuckin ass..." he
trailed off, lost in his impending orgasm.
Bob's thrusts came harder and faster than before, and Koby felt the cock
quickly plump up inside of him. Within seconds of that, Bob's cock
unleashed the mother load. Koby felt his insides filling with Bob's seed,
the warm liquid squished around as Bob continued to pump in and out with the
same fury.
Soon there was too much cum in Koby's ass and Bob's still shooting prick
slid out, coating Koby's ass with Bob's semen. Eventually Bob's orgasm
slowed to a dribble and then stopped. Koby had long since collapse on the
floor in a sweaty, cum covered, hyperventilating heap. Bob sat down,
recovering slowly from his orgasm.
"We should really get you cleaned up, it's gotta be at least the fifth
inning by now. Who knows if you dad is still pitching." Breathed Bob.
Koby just moaned. Bob scooted over to were Koby was resting and began to
lick off all the semen that he had spewed on Koby's ass. As soon as he had
gotten most of it off, Bob got up and started to get dressed in his suit
once again, although it was evident that something had gone on because the
two were still soaked in sweat.
Bob threw Koby's clothes at him, and slowly Koby rose and started to dress
himself. When they were both dressed, Bob fixed his hair and they walked
out into the locker room together.
"Bob, that was the best ever. Thank you Little Preteen Nymphets so much." Whispered Koby as the
two walked towards their seats again.
"No problem kid, you're a pretty good lay yourself. I can't wait for round
two later tonight... by the way, sorry about that, I got a little carried
away." Replied Bob, referring to the still red mark, where he had earlier
cock slapped Koby across the face.
"Oh it's ok. Although when my dad finds out he might want to give you a
taste of your own medicine." Joked Koby.
"I can't wait." Said Bob as the two found their seats behind the dugout.
If you want me to continue please email me.
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 00:24:13 -0500
From: J J
Subject: Curve Ball 7
This story in no way suggests that the real characters are homosexual.
Thisstory is completely fiction and should only be read if you are of age.
Koby was home alone, his father had to go with his mother and other
brothers to visit his mother's mom. Koby got to stay home because his season
had just ended and needed some time to just relax, everyone understood. Roger
wanted to stay home with him, but his wife had dragged him along. But this
doesn't mean that Roger didn't set up a little play date for Koby while he
was gone.
Koby had his best friend Tony over to hang out. Koby told Tony
everything, and when I mean everything, I mean everything. At first Tony was
uncomfortable with the idea of someone being bisexual or Little Preteen Nymphets
even the thought of
being with another man. But the more Koby talked about it, the more Tony was
turned on to Little Preteen Nymphets the idea. The only thing was, that he didn't want to tell Koby
that he was willing to try stuff, for fear it would make things weird between
them. The two of them sat in the living room (the room in which Koby had first
been fucked) and watched some playoff baseball.
"So you're telling me that all of these guys fuck each other
after the games are over?" asked Tony, still in some kind of disbelief even
though Koby had first alerted him to this, months ago
"Not everyone, just some. Maybe a little less than half. It's
really no big deal." Koby replied
"What do you mean no big deal, this is a huge deal. I still
don't understand how you don't grasp this." Tony continued. Little Preteen Nymphets They had, had
this conversation a thousand times
"If you tried it you'd understand. It's no big deal and that's
all there is to it."
"Maybe some of us just don't go `that way'" replied Tony
"And what way is `that way'?" asked Koby, getting annoyed
"You know, with guys."
Koby didn't answer; he just sat and watched the baseball game.
The two of them sat in silence, for a half an hour. Koby had gotten up to get
something from the kitchen when the doorbell rang. The two of them weren't
expecting any visitors, so Koby walked to the door anxiously. He had no idea
who it could be, and when he opened it he saw Lance Berkman.
"What's up kiddo?" asked Lance as he strolled inside the
"Not much Lance, my dad isn't here. He won't be back til
Thursday." Replied Koby
"I'm not here to see him. Oh, he must have forgotten to tell
you. He figured you'd be getting horny here all by yourself. You know, so he
told me to come over and see what I can do about that situation."
"Oh, that's great. But my friend is here right now, and he's
not really into that kind of stuff. I told him all about it and everything,
but he wouldn't go for it." Replied Koby
"Well, believe me, he'll go for it."

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